Friday, January 21, 2005

New Apps are coming...

We have been very busy lately. Two new applications will be released very soon (expect 2-3 weeks maximum) and that was the main reason why we were busy as hell at this (cold) end of the world.
WTSProfiles RC1 was released this week as it is a major improvement when compared to the first Beta. In a very easy to use GUI you can lock down the TS completely, without having to use group policies. Not to mention stand alone setups where the TS is on its own! Desktop icons (you can add whatever you want), start menu items, registry settings (you can save specific keys at logoff and restore them at logon), whatever. It is all there.
WTSApp brings application control to the picture. You can block access to executables on network drives, block access from non-trusted owners executables and much more. Add to that CPU throttling, CPU affinity and some other bells and whistles and you have a very nice add-on for Terminal Services.
And as usual, these will be released at VERY AFFORDABLE prices.

Keep an eye in our website and make sure you give these a try!


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