Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gadgets - PSP

Well as most of you are aware of, I am sort of a gadget freak. So when Sony announced they would be releasing the Playstation Portable here in North America on March, 24th, 2005, I decided to buy one. I did not pre-order it at all (as I did with the XBox years ago) and simply walked in at Toys "R" Us and there they were. No problem at all finding one and getting some games.
Well so far this think is really amazing. I got the promotional pack that comes with the Spiderman 2 movie in UMD format, a memory stick and a bunch of other stuff. And Need for Speed Underground Rivals.
Great little device. The games are great (so far I have five) and the picture is simply amazing. Movies look very good on the 16:9 screen. And it plays MP3s, does slideshows with your pictures (in case you have a camera that uses the Sony Memory Stick Duo media) and can even play MPEG-4 videos. Really impressive.
Battery life for me is around 6 hours but I do not use the built-in wireless (b not g) at all.
After that I got a Sony DSC-T1 camera (very small 5MP with a HUGE LCD screen in the back) and as it uses the same media it is very cool to simply take the stick out of the camera, insert it on the PSP and see all the pictures there. Way too geek. :-)
If you have nothing to do with CDN$ 400.00 get a PSP. You will not regret.


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